Our partnership with Coffee Kids

The majority of coffee farmers are struggling to make a living and many children are forced to work in unsafe plantations. Coffee Kids works to protect the families running small coffee farms, ensuring they’re paid fairly, they have access to business support and guidance and children are provided with education.

90 years of the Moka pot

Small, two-chambered moka pots grace many Italian… and Shetland stovetops, producing a full-bodied coffee with a deliciously dark and intense flavour. Although, it may seem simple in design, it really is a thing of ingenuity and has become a firm favourite over the last 90 years.

On a plate: Shetland’s finest food

Chef Andrew Spence honed his skills at one of Scotland’s leading hotels and has worked at five-star European resorts. But his Shetland upbringing and passion for local food had a massive influence on his cooking.

A Shetland Gingerbread Crofthouse with Templates

This gingerbread house, designed in the style of a Shetland Croft, is crafted from a Norwegian pepperkakehus recipe with some minor adjustments. The gingerbread itself is both delectable and durable, making it an effortless joy to work with.