Our partnership with Coffee Kids

The majority of coffee farmers are struggling to make a living and many children are forced to work in unsafe plantations. Coffee Kids works to protect the families running small coffee farms, ensuring they’re paid fairly, they have access to business support and guidance and children are provided with education.

Protecting children’s futures around the world with Blyde Welcome Coffee and Coffee Kids

Blyde Welcome has always been about people and putting them at the heart of our business. When I started looking for a Scottish Roastery to partner with, I had a list of criteria I knew were non-negotiable. Can you guess what they were? I chose Euan at ‘The Orkney Roastery’, not because of;

  • its proximity to us – although the less food miles the better as we continue our commitment to sustainable coffee, nor
  • its Fairtrade credentials – Blyde Welcome Coffee has 2 Fairtrade coffees: ‘Easting’ a medium to dark roast from a cooperative in Peru, and ‘Levenwick’ which was specially created for catering outlets. It’s based on a southern Italian style and has a lovey crema; nor
  • its membership of the ‘Rainforest Alliance’ and ‘The Speciality Coffee Association’ – both of which require rigorous quality assurance measures to be in place before a company is able to join.

It was, however, the Roastery’s association with Coffee Kids’ that really caught my attention.

In order to bring you the best coffee and blends, Euan at the Roastery works closely with ‘Interamercian’, our bean supplier in London. ‘Interamerican’ gives 10% of its profits to ‘Coffee Kids’, a global charity which ‘collaborates with the next generation of coffee farmers to realise their full potential’ and experience the benefits of a career in coffee rather than being forced to work in the plantations. ‘Coffee Kids’ provide a space where young people can stand out and become an intergral part of the coffee community. 

Their annual ‘Coffee Camp’ brings together more than 100 young people to unleash their potentials and discover new opportunities within the coffee value chain. They are encouraged to learn more about the different aspects that make up the coffee global value chain such as: climate-smart agriculture, processing, roasting, marketing, and trade.

When you buy Blyde Welcome Coffee, you’re helping support over 360,000 people in 18 countries build a more sustainable and brighter future where owning a coffee farm is a choice…not a forced reality.

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