Coffee Shop

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone looking for a caffeine hit first thing in the morning, we have a freshly roasted coffee bean just for you.

Select from freshly roasted whole beans, cafetiere grind, espresso grind, filter grind, or moka grind.


Euan and Sara roast the beans two days each week at the Roastery in Kirkwall. They will post your parcel on a Tuesday or a Thursday so do please bear this in mind when placing your order.


Decaffeinated Roasts

Wholesale Roasts

Decaffeinated Roasts

Wholesale Roasts

Tea Shop

eteaket is a well established, Edinburgh based company, supplying the highest quality and grade leaf tea and teabags. The teas and herbal infusions are sourced from all over the world. Look out for seasonal, small batch teas too! Most of its packaging is plastic free.

Founder, Erica Moore, has developed ‘Cuppas for Causes’ – a charitable foundation supporting local and international charities.


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    Big Red Rooibos

    £6.50£7.25 Our Big Red Rooibos is pure premium grade Rooibos. Rooibos is fast becoming a modern day classic, booming in popularity...Select options
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    Blooming Marvelous

    £6.50£7.25 This tea really is Blooming Marvellous! Our Blooming Marvellous is just that… blooming marvellous! Flavoured Sencha green leaf is expertly...Select options
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    Bollywood Dreams Chai

    £6.50£7.25 Bollywood Dreams Chai – The Ultimate Warming Brew Our Bollywood Dreams Chai is intense and spicy and will take your...Select options
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    Breakfast Blend

    £5.50£6.25 Breakfast Blend – Our Morning Brew Our Breakfast Blend black tea is an inspiring and invigorating blend of hand picked...Select options
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    Chillaxin Chamomile

    £6.00£6.25 Our Chillaxin Chamomile is the perfect tea to help you kick back and unwind. Our Chamomile is made up of...Select options
  • Cranberry Apple

    Cranberry Apple Riot

    £7.25£7.50 Our Cranberry Apple Riot fruit infusion is quite simply a superlative blend of cranberry and apple pieces that produces a...Select options
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    Perfect Peppermint

    £6.00£6.25 Our Perfect Peppermint infusion is cool and invigorating. Peppermint tea helps to cleanse your palate and aid digestion and is...Select options
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    Royal Earl Grey

    £5.50£6.25 Royal Earl Grey Our Royal Earl Grey tea stands head and shoulders above its regular Earl Grey subjects. It is...Select options

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Please select from any of the videos below or buy the compete set.

Once you’ve paid for your purchase, you will receive a link to your recipe on your receipt. Download and then select the arrow/play link at the top right-hand corner of your downloaded recipe and this will automatically link you to your online video purchase.