Bain's Beach

A very popular swimming spot, with a lovely, gentle, sloping sandy beach, but I like to go early in the morning when only the dog walkers are out! Sunrise swims are spectacular here!!


Bain’s Roasted Coffee


This Colombian coffee is a good all-rounder. Slow roasted to achieve the best balance between bright acidity and sweetness to enhance the famous chocolatey tones of this coffee. Roasted to the high side of medium.

Euan and Sara roast the beans two days each week at the Roastery in Kirkwall. They will post your parcel on a Tuesday or a Thursday so do please bear this in mind when placing your order.

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I just love Bain’s

As a black coffee drinker, I just love Bain’s. It’s really smooth and mellow. It’s not bitter, it’s really tasty, just lovely.