Ceremonial Matcha – 20g Keep Tin


Our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a ceremonial grade Japanese green tea ground to a fine green powder. Upon whisking it evokes fresh grassy meadows with an astringent edge and a satisfying jammy sweetness to finish. This tea is also considered to be crammed full of antioxidants and nutrients. Renowned for its reported health benefits as you consume the whole leaf, not just the liquor like other green teas.

Matcha is created from Tencha leaves, which are the finest top two leaves of the camellia sinensis hand picked in early spring. The stalks and veins are removed and they are immediately steamed to stop any oxidation. The leaves are stored in a chilled environment to remain fresh until ready for grinding. The leaves are then hand-ground using stone mills. A very laborious process as each stone mill only produces 30g-40g of matcha per hour.

Pause, Rebalance & Thrive.

Our mission is to empower you to pause and rebalance whilst sipping ethically sourced, highest quality tea. Our 3 step ‘tea in mind’ process fuses our knowledge of tea with our love for self-care & philosophy by suggesting a series of tea routines.