Peerie Spiggie Beach

If Bain’s is perfect for sunrise swims, the waters around Peerie Spiggie at the south end of Mainland, are the perfect place to take in the glorious, summer sunsets. A little bit of heaven, especially with some freshly brewed coffee and marshmallows afterwards!


Peerie Spiggie Roasted Coffee


A modern, medium-dark roasted espresso blend of 100% Arabica beans based on the traditional Italian style. It has a lovely rounded caramel sweetness set off by a bright acidity.

Euan and Sara roast the beans two days each week at the Roastery in Kirkwall. They will post your parcel on a Tuesday or a Thursday so do please bear this in mind when placing your order.

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Our favourite 'Blyde Welcome Coffee',

Peerie Spiggie is our favourite ‘Blyde Welcome Coffee’, perfect for long, lazy lunches.