St Ninian’s Beach

This is surely everyone’s favourite picnic spot and probably Shetland’s most photographed beach.

I like to walk across the tombolo to the foot of the island and seek out the coves there. A perfect sheltered swimming spot!

The island was where, in 1958, a local school boy, working on an excavation, discovered a wooden box containing 28 pieces of silver from the 8th century. The pieces are now on display in the National Museum of Scotland, but replicas can be seen in the Shetland Museum.


St Ninian’s Roast Cofffee


This medium-light roast, Kenyan AB Honeybush is a light and bright refreshing brew with a clear citrus acidity that is sometimes described as a wine-like acidity.

Euan and Sara roast the beans two days each week at the Roastery in Kirkwall. They will post your parcel on a Tuesday or a Thursday so do please bear this in mind when placing your order.

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My favourite has to be St Ninian’s because it was just perfectly balanced.

It’s probably the only coffee I’ve had where I’ve immediately gone and brewed up a second cup straight away because it was so delicious