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The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

REHIS LogoAttending this course has been one of my highlights of 2021 so far. I really enjoyed it…and I’m sure the candidates would benefit from attending’. Raymond Hubbocks, REHIS Training Adviser. 

Voluntary Action Shetland

After years of planning and running events for work, I decided that it would be beneficial to my professional development, if I were to gain a qualification in Events Management with Shetland College UHI. I contacted Celia who was the Programme Leader, to enquire about part-time options, but this did not fit in with my work schedule; I thought I would have to abandon my plan. However, Celia remained optimistic and a few weeks later, contacted me to ask if I would be interested in doing a Professional Development Award (PDA) in Events Management. The PDA was a new award and suited my work schedule, so I signed up there and then and started college the following week.

Due to the lateness of my application, I had missed the first week of college, but Celia took time to meet with me and ensure I caught up with the other students on the programme. She also helped me navigate my way round the UHI’s online learning environment and supported me in developing a system for distance learning for when I was unable to attend classes. Celia was incredibly reassuring when work became busy and I felt I was struggling: she helped me focus and was very flexible so I never felt snowed under.

Celia proactively welcomes new and innovative ideas and will encourage you to use your imagination and try new things. She really made me feel like the course was tailored around me. Time management has never been my strong suit, but Celia ensured that I met all of my deadlines. She gave me the confidence to believe in my own abilities. She has a very calming demeanour and even when offering constructive criticism, never takes for granted the effort you have put in. She values your opinions and understands that learning is a two way process. She literally is a walking “how to” guide for the hospitality, events and catering industry and has the experience to back it up. Her attention to detail is incredible.

I guarantee that Celia will help you get the best out of yourself and could not give her a higher recommendation. I sincerely hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future. Oh and by the way, I probably don’t need to mention this, but I passed my PDA with flying colours.

Neil Pearson
Youth Volunteer Development Worker
Voluntary Action Shetland
Market House

Shetland Food and Drink

A Taste of ShetlandWe worked with Celia on the opening night of the ‘Taste of Shetland Festival’ in September 2017. Students from Shetland College UHI prepared and served food and drinks to 150 guests for the VIP reception. It was clear to see that they had been well prepared and we worked closely with Celia to ensure that the right atmosphere was created. All the key elements were there: well briefed, young people who were engaged and smiling; attention to detail and timing; swift and efficient clearing up; and a professional evaluation afterwards.

Celia is very competent and capable and is working in an area that is vital for the development of positive customer experience. This can only add value to a business.

Marian Armitage – Chair
Shetland Food and Drink